Monday, 10 October 2011

FX magazine reports on TFRC members

FX magazine's September issue reports on TFRC members Carole Collet, Suzanne Lee and Jenny Tillotson. Veronica Simpson´s article "Brave New Worlds" reports on how Futurologists combine science and technology with the materials and objects we use, leading to innovation in design. Carole Collet's MA Textile Futures course is praised for challenging its students to collaborate with scientists, architects, biologists and engeneers as a design philosophy for designing for the future, and reports on how a Nobel Prize winner has collaborated with Carole and Microsoft Research worked with her students.

CSM is at the forefront of developing innovative materials, with approaches like TFRC's member Jenny Tillotson who is developing multisensorial clothing to enhance wellbeing at the Science Fashion Lab, and Suzanne Lee´s biocouture, which grows fabric out of vats. CSM stands out in the article for projects that combine art and science.

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