Friday, 11 May 2012

PUMA Sustainable Design Collective lecture series

 Becky Earley will present TED's work at the Puma Sustainable Design collective lecture series at PUMA Headquarters on Thursday 7th June, the third in a series of four lectures organised by Jonathan Chapman.
Jonathan Chapman has recently developed ' 50 ways of thinking and doing sustainable design' for Puma (seen as a poster in the image above, behind the speaker who is Fiona Bennie, from the first lecture). Jonathan has curated this event-based network to 'stimulate essential debate and encourage the learning and the exchange of knowledge between practising designers, and specialists in sustainable design thinking.'

Puma have recently completed their first Environmental Profit and Loss Statement, which places a monetary value on the impacts of their production system.
"Analysing a company’s environmental impact this way, and understanding where environmental measures are necessary, will not only help conserve the benefits of ecosystem services but also ensure the longevity of our business", says Jochen Zeitz, Executive Chairman of PUMA and Chief Sustainability Officer of PPR.

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