Monday, 23 January 2012

Green Week TFRC Event Monday 6th February 2012

TFRC’s New Year opens with a new exciting Lecture in the new Central Saint Martins Building at King’s Cross. Dr. Jonathan Chapman, author of ‘Emotionally Durable: Objects, Experiences & Empathy’ (Earthscan, 2005), is giving a keynote lecture as part of the UAL’s Green Week and TFRC’s Open Lecture series, on the 6th of February. He will also chair a discussion session following the lectures of TFRC members Becky Earley, Carole Collet, Kate Goldsworthy, Aurelie Mosse and Jen Ballie. We will follow up shortly with a report on the event and a summary of TFRC’s year.

This is a section of Dr. Jonathan Chapman’s abstract as an appetizer to the talk:

“Dr Chapman's presentation looks beyond the tired 'doom and gloom' rhetoric of sustainability, to reveal a more optimistic, inspirational and creative vision that places sustainability and innovation side-by-side; he argues that the sustainability crisis is a crisis of behaviour, and not one simply of energy and materials alone, as is often assumed. Engaging with issues of design, ecology and the human condition, he relocates design within a wider cultural and philosophical debate that draws upon sociological, ecological, anthropological, psychological and consumer studies; casting new light on the complex and thorny nature of our contemporary engagement with the designed world. In so doing, Chapman maps a new creative territory to enable a deeper engagement with the sustainability agenda – grappling with the knotty problems of design, materiality, human behaviour and sustainability to provide timely reassessments of ethics and design in an age of over-consumption.”

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