Sunday, 13 November 2011

'New Materials' PhD scholarship offered at Design School Kolding in Denmark

Design School Kolding, Denmark, are offering a very interesting PhD position in New Materials within a design and sustainable frame of reference and with a duration of three years it would start in February 2012, or as early as possible after that date.

For the application the description should include a timetable and a detailed presentation of the PhD project. The PhD post is affiliated with a place of employment at Kolding School of Design in the Department of Product Design. The aim of the project is to contribute to building knowledge of new materials in a broad design sense within a sustainable frame of reference. The Department of Product Design comprises three specialist domains, Fashion, Textile, and Industrial Design, and sustainability represents one of the school’s strategic target areas.
The description for the PhD project is:The application should investigate the significance of new materials on design practice. The investigation should relate to relevant, existing, international research environments that work with material knowledge at the most advanced professional level. Moreover, in terms of methodology, the project should connect to action research and/or practice-oriented research traditions such as e.g. research-through-design. Furthermore, the application should explicate how the contribution will support the development of the three specialist domains of the department, including how it will strengthen the future development of design practice and create renewed professional self-understanding.

TFRC's PhD student Aurelie Mosse, graduated from MA Textile Futures in 2008, is already completing her PhD between Central Saint Martins and the School of Architecture, Design & Conservation of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Kopenhagen. Her research i in Self-Actuated Textiles in the Design of Domestic Spaces, and explores the intersection between Textile, Architecture and Smart Technologies.

For further info about the PhD application please click here.
The application should be submitted no later than the 15th of December to the Designskolen Kolding, online at and via post.

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