Thursday, 2 June 2011

VF Competition Mentoring

The Mentoring Sessions for the VF/TFRC Future Fashion Textiles Competition have begun and the ten chosen students were given a full tutorial session with mentors Melanie Bowles (digital textiles), Caroline Till (creative direction and trends), Jenny Tillotson (well being/senses), Di Mainstone (human/garment interaction) and Adam Thorpe (social design).

Project concepts ranged from developing a textile/garment that relieves stress by assisting people in developing deeper breathing; a concept for creating a garment and supporting system that allows the consumer to make decisions about the fabric and shape based on a range of sustainability options; and a project that maps the plastic waste generated by three consumers in a month and creates an installation of delicate upcycled objects all made by hand.

The next Session with the Mentors will be at the end of June, with the students and graduates preparing for the Competition deadline which is July 4th.

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