Friday, 10 December 2010

TFRC Trash Fashion

The current Trash Fashion: Designing Out Waste exhibition at the Science Museum has seen the showcase of several TFRC members work, from across the three colleges that make up TFRC. The exhibition includes new work from Kate Goldsworthy (CSM), who has created a laser-etched upcycled polyster dress; a new piece from Becky Earley and Frances Geesin (TED/CHELSEA) who have collaborated on an upcycled monomaterial polyester shirt which includes removable lace collar and cuffs; Melanie Bowles and Kathy Round (TED/CHELSEA) who have co-created a digitally printed silk dress using an image of a vintage dress; Prof. Sandy Black's (LCF) Knit for Fit no waste garment, and one of Suzanne Lee's (CSM) BioCouture garment.

Sandy Black was commissioned by the Science Museum to produce the Knit for Fit garment, which was based on her work from the Considerate Design project. A staff member from the Science Museum was used as a 'case study' and his body was scanned for exact measurements. Sandy designed the sweater, adding in a simple irregular stripe pattern, according to the client's measurements. The garment was then knitted in 3D, in one piece using the Stoll ‘Knit and Wear’ system.The finished garment required no making up and just a little hand finishing.

This project illustrates a designer's approach to re-imagining the current unsustainable system of producing and selling fashion. As Sandy explains, "I'm interested in seeing how as designers we could create less fashion, that's better fitting and more suited to individual needs and preferences".

When viewed with the other examples of TFRC members work in the Trash Fashion exhibition, a strong vision begins to emerge for how designers can produce beautiful, sustainable garments and 'systems'.

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