Friday, 18 February 2011

Competition launch event on Monday - places going fast!

Places are filling up fast in the 150 seater Lecture Theatre for Monday's launch event. If you would like to reserve a space please email

The competition aims to encourage and support student work that explores future focused design questions for fashion and textiles. The judges are looking for entries that show new fashion / textile work that has been generated:

· Through original research and investigation
· By experimentation with technique and materials
· With an innovative approach to technology

The Five Themes - The entries should consist of textile and fashion concepts, designs, visualizations and objects that embody the theme that you have chosen to work with. There are a number of research questions within each theme, and you are advised to address one question in particular, although it is anticipated that you may end up incorporating more than one question / idea as your entry develops.
VF Brands - We advise that you research the VF brands, and select a particular line to work with.
Collaborations - between more than one designer, especially where the partnerships bring together skills and expertise from across different disciplines, are encouraged and supported, but are not a requirement of the entry.
Mentoring Awards – You may enter the competition by applying for a mentoring award, or by submitting an unmentored application directly in July.

The guest speakers at the launch will help contextualise the five themes and the questions.

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